Choosing the best or most appropriate font plays a crucial role in determining your organization’s personality and the message your business is trying to communicate. At FMK Agency, we have put together some fonts that can make your brand outstanding. There are few factors to consider when selecting the best font to use:


An unreadable font may act as a barrier blocking your message from the target audience. When choosing your font, avoid those that affect the readers. Avoid using too many decorative fonts so that readers may not disregard your design.


The font you decide to go with should reflect the character and spirit of your business. The right font in your branding becomes a trademark for the business.

Font family

To achieve your desired typographical requirements, you need to know the font family it belongs to. This is because some of the fonts have diverse styles and weights that give users room for creativity.

There are free fonts that ultimately enhances user experience that one should consider. By availing various fonts’ qualities to our clients, we increase visual diversity instead of sticking to similar fonts throughout. There are several categories of top free fonts which include:

Calligraphy Fonts

These beautiful scripts are referred to as cursive fonts because they add style and elegance to your site. They usually make the site more professional and classy, especially in short phrases such as headings, subheadings and titles. A good and common example of a font style that belongs to this category is the Mattilda font. 

San Serif Fonts

Though they are often confused with serifs, they can create an entirely different feeling altogether. This font can combine the old school nature of serifs with more modern and stylish designs. When used in caps lock, they make the design better and perfectly complement a wide range of other fonts. Fonts that fall in this category include; Bebas Neue, Swansea and Corbert.

Retro Fonts

If you wish to avoid, serious, professional fonts, you should consider this type of fonts. They are characterized by fun features which are appropriate for short phrases or headlines. It is quite bold to be used in long statements. Some of the fonts that fall under this category include; Blanka, Mistral and Lazer.

Bold Fonts

For big, bold statements, this font is the perfect fit. It goes above and beyond the normal typeface bold by expressing your message out loud. They are more conspicuous to the eye than San serifs. Examples of fonts in this category include; Alberto, Fredoka and Gilroy.


Our company is dedicated to providing users with the best fonts available for free and also premium fonts for those who wish to have specific fonts that spice up content and get the value for their money. For more information and helpful insights concerning the best fonts to use and ensuring success in your website, contact us today at