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There is no “Go-To” Solution for the rebranding process.

A single branding guide will never fully apply to all situations and all needs. Your unique company climate is not static to all industries or even your competitors. The details that make your work function are what is unique to your process and team. This is why we believe in solutions that addresses these characteristics directly, not a fancy branding umbrella that claims to cover everything during the rebranding process. (But for those of you who came here seeking a quick-list, we have that too…)




  • Why are we rebranding?
  • What problem are we attempting to solve?
  • What is already working?
  • What is not currently working?
  • Have leads decreased?
  • Are we entering a new market?
  • Struggling with distinguishing ourselves?
  • Struggling to attract quality talent?
  • Are we introducing new (significant) services?
  • Are we leading or following with brand identity?
  • New market realities?
  • Time to even reconsider the whole thing?
  • Why keep doing what we do?
  • Have the company’s values changed?
  • How do we manage to meet those (new) values?
  • What do we use to respond to those (new) values?


Determine the Scope of Your Rebrand

To safely and effectively rebrand takes time, research and dynamic resources. Instead of following one suggested list of steps, gather a collection of case studies and branding tips to define which aspects hit home for you and what is unnecessary. For example, if you’re simply redesigning your logo, an entire brand overhaul is probably not necessary. But if this new logo incorporates a revised color scheme, some visual branding may be of use for consistency.

What about when your branding efforts are deeper than visual presentation? If it puts a special light on new dimensions of your company it will be essential to meet your business strategy’s criteria. Maybe you’re rolling out new services and offerings that need a new environment to live without disrupting your current business model. These are some of the smaller details that can translate into larger confusion during a branding state.

When answering the question “What doesn’t work?”, your lost prospects become a good resource for uncovering your perceived weaknesses. In addition to gathering useful objective critique, this step can also show the importance you place on improvement. Taking the initiative to seek and solve weak points is not frowned upon, in fact it reveals a level of respect for your lost or passed clients that you place importance on their feedback and general needs.


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When Bringing in Help

Unless you have a very solid plan for your color scheme and visual attributes, find a web developer/designer you trust. At this point, there should be no larger scale changes. If you decide last minute on a color change (seems simple) it could be time consuming and very costly. The designer or developer you work with is surprisingly not psychic. Being very clear with brand characteristics and your desired visual aesthetic will give them the tools they need to build what you need. Direct, detailed communication goes a long way in terms of saving time, money and potential frustrations.

Taking on a rebranding initiative can seem both intimidating yet liberating. Use this period of detailed planning and establishing a new shared vision for yourself as an exciting form of motivation for creativity. But what it all comes down to is, we may not be able to do it alone.

A winemaker’s old saying reminds us that when you’re inside the wine bottle, you know if the wine is good but you cannot judge the quality of the label. Sometimes it is difficult to take the required distance to apprehend your own work, you may invite help from the outside. Fresh eyes with expertise could easily bring the solution to your “unsolvable” question.

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