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Our biggest challenge with the Royal Gorge Route Railroad was to take an outdated system and modernize it with a new brand voice and user-friendly features. Before we were brought in, their brand was struggling to connect with their readers in a meaningful way. But, even with their minimal content and branding efforts, it was the ticketing platform that proved to be the biggest issue. Their old platform was unreliable and would lose often drop users mid-transaction, resulting in lower ticket sales. On top of all that, there was the…er…mild setback of a global pandemic causing a lot of warranted nervousness around travel and tourism.



Our first step was designing a brand new website and injecting a focused brand voice into their messaging. By telling the history of the Royal Gorge Route Railroad and showcasing the beauty of the route, we gave new personality to their page that invited listeners to participate in the story. We also solved their ticketing issue by integrating a 3rd party called React.js, allowing us to place “book now” buttons without losing traffic.

The results now speak for themselves. In 2020 alone, Royal Gorge’s website and system sold 23,692 tickets for same day reservations, while 9,068 total tickets were sold at the counter.

Even while COVID-19 was running rampant, this new brand identity allowed Royal Gorge to drastically increase their tourism revenue while creating a safe environment for travelers to work out their wanderlust.




Our Roles


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX
  • Ecommerce
  • Custom Ticket Integration w/ 3rd Party (React JS)
  • WordPress Site (Customized for Full Family of Plans)
  • Creative Direction
  • Social Graphics
  • Photography
  • Brand Strategy


About the Royal Gorge Route Railroad

The Royal Gorge Route Railroad, located in Canon City, Colorado, is a train route that takes you through the Grand Canyon. Their mission is to provide an exceptional experience and service along their train route. Along with their route, the Royal Gorge Route Railroad offers a dine-in experience as passengers take in the sights of the Grand Canyon, and the Caboose Cafe, which provides food and drink as they enter the Royal Gorge.





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