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In this new era of working from home, you might be wondering, how do remote teams do it? What is their culture like? How do they keep each other motivated? Well, that one is easy, this remote team really loves what they do. 

At FMK, we help ambitious brands do more. More of what you might ask? More creative. More website launches. More anything you can think of. If you can dream it, we can do it. A unique piece to FMK is that our team reins from all over the globe, literally


Designer in Brazil? Check. 

Creative Director in France? Yep!

Midwest team members? You bet. 

Web Developer in Canada? Of course! 


Having our team located all across the globe allows us to constantly freshen up our perspectives and bring in new ideas. We also love to brainstorm. Aka dream. If you have an idea, we want to hear it. No dream is too big or out of reach for us here at FMK. Being open to ideas is a big part of what our company culture is like. Comparable to a welcoming, warm hug. No one gets put down and every idea is valued. We think that’s pretty cool. 

PSA From FMK: Culture 

So, let’s talk company culture. We like to think that company culture is like a compass a team follows, steering them in the right direction and influencing all their decisions. It provides them with guidelines for working, communicating, and collaborating as a team no matter where they plug in from. Even if it’s Brazil. Or France. Or Canada. 

FMK’s Tips on Building a Strong Company Culture

Building a positive company culture isn’t always an easy task. It takes time and it is something that must be worked on everyday. Whether that is in meetings or during a happy hour. Here are four tips from our team at FMK on building a great work culture: 

Be Open

Specifically to ideas and suggestions. You never know if a team member holds the key you have been looking for to run the perfect campaign or launch the perfect website. Being open minded allows new ideas to flow and gets the ball rolling, or as we like to say, the kite flying. 

Have a Clear Vision 

People work better when they know why they are doing what they are doing. Give your people a sense of purpose in their work. Let them know how it is purposeful and how it is contributing to the company’s overall vision.  

Set Goals

Whether these are daily tasks or quarterly goals, set them for your people so they have something to work towards. Reaching these goals or completing daily tasks gives employees a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. 

Allow for Humor

At FMK, we think this is our favorite culture tip. Always do your best work, of course, but be sure to allow for humor. Let people be themselves. Happy people produce their best work. After all, we are human and we all could use a good laugh. 

We hope these tips help you build and create a strong, lasting company culture of your own. Stay tuned for more blogs about culture at FMK and culture building tips!