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Denver-based Kaladi Coffee Roasters, one of the OG air roasters in the US, approached us with two main needs: eCommerce and on-site ordering. Though experiencing consistent growth, they were looking for a way to reach potential customers through online ordering and pickups.

The first task was setting up their eCommerce site. Using WooCommerce, we added an online ordering and tipping system, as well as a coffee subscription site to secure recurring customers.

On-site ordering was our second major undertaking. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic (boo…hiss…), customers were desperately looking for a safe and easy way to indulge their caffeine addiction.




Because of our efforts, Kaladi’s revenue increased by a whopping 155% over the previous year, in spite of the virus. By integrating and Clover into their online system, customers could easily order coffee on the go or from home. And our on-site ordering system encouraged customers to continue shopping in-store during the pandemic in a safe way with minimal interpersonal interaction. This comforted customers and encouraged them to stop by when they were able to shop in person.

Adding these new channels helped Kaladi’s business expand beyond their already dedicated client base and raise the profile of their digital platform outside of the Denver metro area.




Our Roles


  • Website Design
  • Package Design
  • eCommerce Online Order System
  • In-Store Pickup
  • Shipping System
  • Online Tip System
  • Coffee Subscription Site
  • On-Site Order


About Kaladi Coffee Roasters

Kaladi Coffee Roasters is a coffee shop and roaster located in Denver, Colorado that opened in May of 2000. Their promise is to create a coffee company that awakens the community by supporting local causes, both in their own city and globally.



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