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Involve Board is a big-hearted group of folks that were looking for a way to increase student involvement in their after-school programs and summer activities, but had no central hub to post announcements or have students sign up. Looking for a way to accomplish this, they had the idea of having a website with all of their information and sign up forms in one place. Not knowing where to start, they contacted us to help them build a website that would show off their different programs and acquire student sign ups.



FMK created a new branding concept and website for Involve Board. We used vibrant colors like green and blue to showcase a cool, endearing learning hub, while maintaining a design and user experience that drove people to their sign up sheets. Now, teachers can share a wide swath of activities to the platform, and students can easily find the ones they are interested in within a single site. We also designed a dedicated web app, giving even more options and easier access to information for students and parents to find the activities they want.




Our Roles


  • Branding Concept
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Web App Development
  • Graphic Design


About Involve Board

Involve Board is a startup concept for the Denver public schools system that helps keeps kids involved in after-school and summer activities. These programs are available to all students within the Denver public school system, and can be accessed via their site or web app. Students can select the activity they want to participate it, fill in a sign-up sheet, and then be contacted by a team leader with more information. Their work gives students across Denver more accessibility to be involved in their community.




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