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Just because you’re an attorney doesn’t mean you need a boring website. Grae & Grae Construction Attorneys wanted a complete redesign of their site to make it more modern and easier to navigate, while explaining what it is they do and the services they offer in a compact manner. FMK Agency was brought on this task, and with a little brainstorming power, we came up with a new way to showcase who they are and what they do. So how did we do it?


Using a custom WordPress theme and illustrations, we highlighted the content and brand of Grae & Grae while maintaining a simple, clean look. We used a deeper blue against a white a white background and black accents to showcase the professionalism of the client, in an elegant and clean way. By simplifying the sitemap and making the whole site just a few clicks, potential clients could easily find who they were, what they did, and contact them with more information if needed. The result? More clients for our client.

Our Roles

  • Website Management
  • Website Design
  • Custom Illustrations

About Grae & Grae Construction Attorneys

Grae & Grae Construction Attorneys is a group of experienced construction attorneys providing full-service solutions for their clients. Their law firm is based out in New York, New York. Grae & Grae represents contractors operating in both the private and public sectors, and all legal matters that arise during the course of a construction project. This includes public work contractors, accident claims, litigation, several filings, and everything in between.