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Hiring new employees can be daunting, and Emissary AI came up with a great solution that harnesses text messaging to reach folks looking for jobs. But every dope product needs a dope brand/website. They tasked us with creating a full brand and web design strategy create an identity that aligned with their message and clearly explained their offerings.



Emissary AI’s website in now way more functional, and tailored to give their clients the best user experience possible. We also made sure that all of their content was search engine optimized by integrating the site with Hubspot.

Utilizing Core Vitals was also key to tracking and maintaining maximum visibility. With Core Vitals, we were able to track LCP, FID, and CSL on their page.




Our Roles


  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Custom Illustration
  • WordPress Deployment
  • Integration with Hubspot
  • UI/UX
  • Core Vitals


About Emissary AI

Emissary AI, located in New York City, is a text recruiting platform built to make candidate engagement and recruitment automation easy. Their services include 1-to-1 texting, recruiting chatbots, text campaigns, sharing by text, and more.








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