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Elite Brands of Colorado’s is a liquor distributor based in Denver. You’d expect their website to be fun, vibrant, maybe a little deviant, but their website had none of those things. On top of that, it lacked a consistent message. Our strategy was to project the engaging, jovial nature of the company onto its a digital space. This meant fun, quirky designs, a bold color statement, and a strong message that conveyed who Elite Brands was and what they did. 



We designed a custom WordPress theme from the ground up that better reflected Elite Brands’ culture. With new, vibrant illustrations and the general refresh of their website, their visual identity is now in alignment with their attitude. This meant bold colors such as a royal purple and bright orange, and funky designs scattered across their site that gave the site some depth, and showcased some of the “fun” mentality that Elite Brands was looking for. On top of that, the site was easier to navigate, and had a portal where customer could log in and make purchases on their account.




Our Roles


  • Website Management
  • Website Design
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Custom Theme on WordPress
  • Branding


About Elite Brands of Colorado

Elite Brands of Colorado is an international alcohol distributor located in Denver, Colorado. They were founded in 2003 and have since continued to source the finest selection of spirits they can find. All these years later, their fermentation process has produced a team of 90 current employees who consider it an honor to represent the finest makers of beer, wine and spirits to the good folks of Colorado.




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