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The goal for 2021 is to have an eCommerce site that looks modern, is intuitive to use, and has the feature you require. Ecommerce sales are predicted to climb 18% this year. Either make an effective website for your client or lose them. Some steps are obvious you want to have a great interface, make sure it loads quickly, and have a reliable hosting provider, but some take some thought. Here are the top nine trends to inspire you in 2021.

Nine Trends to Create a Better eCommerce Site in 2021

  • Treat the product page like it was a landing page
    Your goal is to focus the customer on taking a certain action, and that’s what landing pages are for. When designing this page, consider: Can you easily tell the name of the product? Is it well described? Are there appealing images? Is it easy to find the price? Are there positive reviews of the product?
  • Focus on the visuals
    The more visually appealing something is, the greater the allure. Ensure your pictures are from various angles, feature the product as it will be used, and has a plain background to avoid distractions.
  • Create a narrative around the product
    Consumers like to connect with a product to identify with it.  The story can have to do with the featured store, the charity that the product endorses, or how it’s environmentally friendly.
  • Create a “link in bio” page for Instagram users
    There is no way to link from Instagram to your product page, but you can create a link from your bio page. This will allow you to link your product with Instagram.
  • Link the client’s product page to other connected information
    If the client has any other supplementary content to add to their products, like a blog, make sure you link to it on their product page and vice versa.
  • Let customers view their cart from the product page instead of opening a new page
    One of the keys to eCommerce is to make checkout as easy as possible. Allowing customers to see what they’ve bought on the product page will make shopping more convenient.
  • Create a timer until a sale ends
    Everyone loves a good deal and hate missing out on one. By creating a timer, you create a sense of urgency to encourage the customer to take advantage of the sale.
  • Make the mobile shopping app easy to use
    53.9% of all eCommerce sales are expected to take place on mobile devices in 2021. If you aren’t designing your customer’s site with an accompanying easy to use app, you are doing them a disservice.
  • Focus on your client’s site speed
    You can accomplish speed as a designer by minimizing code, optimizing images, and keeping the plugins updated.  You can also ensure that your customer is using a hosting provider that can handle the data load.

If you want to amaze your customers in 2021, these design trends are sure to do the trick. For more eCommerce marketing advice, kindly contact us today at