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Lost Children of Peru is a nonprofit that offers nourishing meals, leadership training, biblical teaching, computer access, and a safe place to hang out for youth in one of the poorest districts in Lima. They operate multiple community centers where our Peruvian staff loves, mentors, and ministers to the children and teens who live on the hillsides and employ young adults from the area to engage with the community centers and grow through our leadership and mentoring and invest back into their communities. We resonated with their mission and wanted to keep that front and center when they asked us to help them design a new website. So FMK Agency got together, and worked on a new design for them to pull their mission and values up close.

What We Did

We took care to put together a site highlighting the needs of their community and the myriad of ways they meet them. Through images and videos that honor the experience of the children they serve, we made clear pathways for visitors to donate or get involved. We used bright visuals and a simple layout to highlight the importance of Lost Children of Peru, and to visually show that the work they do is important. 

Our Roles

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design

Lost Children of Peru continues to be a focal point for many communities, and continues to spread their values to other families and community members. If you’d like to learn more about their goal,  visit Lost Children of Peru’s Website.

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