Building Classy Animal’s Business Model

Due to the impact of COVID-19, many people were out of jobs. Because of this, the founders wanted to create a brand that would help support those in need during the pandemic. The issue then became what could be done and how they would be able to support those in need.


FMK was brought along to help implement the brand concept and business model for this project. We partnered with Anthony Bradley from Good Night Studio for the animal illustrations, and came up with an apparel brand that would support those in need.

We were able to create a business model for Classy Animal that allowed people to affiliate themselves with the brand. From there, 100% of the profits would go towards people out of work or to a charity they support.

Our Roles

  • Brand Concept
  • Designed Apparels
  • Animal Illustrations
  • Logo
  • Brand
  • Business Model

About Classy Animal

Classy Animal is an apparel brand for good that was formed as a response to the impact of COVID-19.