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2020 has brought lots of changes into our lives. For most, it’s been working from home. While there have been many benefits to this new normal (sleeping in later, your own space, and let’s be honest, how many of you have worked at least one day in your pajamas?), it also puts distance between your team. It’s common to become a little out-of-sync working remotely, so what are some ways to combat this? We’ve compiled a list of ideas to help promote your team culture remotely – take a look!


1. Communication

Communication is important in any work environment, but it’s especially prominent today. Be sure to talk with your team about the goals set out for each day. Do large huddles online, and even talk to each individual department or person about the tasks at hand. The more your team knows, the better they’re equipped to accomplish their goals.



2. Set Rules, but be Flexible

Let people know what your expectations are while working remotely and set rules for your team to follow, but also be open to changes. Each team member’s stay-at-home situation can vary. Some have kids to take care of, others have sick relatives, and so on. Let them know you’ll work with each individual’s situation.


3. Keep the Team Engaged

Staying at home with no interaction can drain anyone, so be sure to setup some fun activities. Have virtual happy hour with your crew. Create a dropbox or page where employees can share photos of their pets or funny memes. Share craft or recipe ideas; the possibilities are endless!


Staying at home with no interaction can drain anyone, so be sure to set up some fun activities.


4. Feedback

Not everything you do will benefit the team. Remember to get feedback on how projects are being managed, and how activities and work-at-home rules are helping or not helping, so that you can adjust and create a well-oiled remote machine.

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