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Lancaster, PA is one of the oldest inland cities in the US. Like most towns its size in the area, it once boasted a robust manufacturing industry. Though much of the industry left, former factories and warehouse spaces are being refurbished for new uses. Tobacco Road Luxury Lofts, a converted warehouse space, is a beautiful apartment complex featuring exposed brick walls, refinished original wood flooring and high ceilings. Ahead of opening, they approached us to help with branding, merchandise and a website. We were excited to dive in.

We created a logo that gives a nod to the industrial heritage of the building while keeping things clean and modern. The website is designed to be easily navigable and showcase both extensive photography of the building/neighborhood and details of amenities. We capped it all off with a series of t-shirts, hats, and tote bags for tenants to be able to show their pride.

If you ever find yourself in Lancaster and are in need of an apartment, or if you just want to see a slice of American history, make sure to visit the Tobacco Road Luxury Lofts website.