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Tortilla manufacturers. Abraham Lincoln impersonators. For every niche industry or community, you can probably find a trade show or convention catering to its members. But, let’s face it, trade shows and conferences can be incredibly dull. Sometimes, they aren’t even worth participating in because of cost. Incentli is a company that seeks to change that by gamifying the experience. Their platform boosts engagement and an overall sense of fun by letting their clients offer incentives, rewards, and competitions to event-goers. Incentli came to us in need of a brand that matched their playfulness and value of community-building, and we got to work.

Bright colors were a must: purple, yellow, and teal offset by high-contrast black and white. We took the “i” from Incentli and turned it into a logo that represented connection while maintaining the semblance of the letter. Our illustrator designed a series of animals in suits to accentuate the whimsy of the brand across their website and print materials.

Trade shows don’t have to be boring, and Incentli wants to help their clients get everything they can out of the experience. To learn more, visit their website.

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