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Navigating community relationships in apartment life can be dicey. That’s why Apt.App created a platform for neighbors, property staff, and the community at large to communicate in a safe, convenient way. However, Apt. App Mobile needed us to develop their website and branding. We built them a custom site from the ground up, and also created custom app icons and video content for their community management software.



By helping them hone their messaging, we were able to create a brand that represented Apt. App Mobile’s vision: an app where people can come together with those closest to them. Their new branding allowed customers to easily learn about Apt. App Mobile and get the most out of their platform.




Our Roles

FMK Agency provided several different roles for Apt. App Mobile to kick off their branding and design. This included:


  • Full Branding
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Custom App Icons
  • UI Design
  • Video Production


About Apt. App Mobile

Apt. App empowers apartment residents to build strong & positive communities through tech and communicate with neighbors, property staff & the community in one easy place. Users can take advantage of the Neighbor-to-Neighbor feature, which allows residents to notify their neighbor of a common disturbance, such as a noise complaint, completely anonymously giving the residents peace of mind and quick resolve. Apt. App also delivers new solutions to help residents navigate their community, such as using a Community Board, where they can buy, sell, or borrow stuff from their neighbors through a Marketplace feature.