A Global Community

What started as a handshake between Emmanuel Gimeno and Nicholas Hinckley in March 2020 is now a thriving remote team across 4 countries that’s known as FMK Agency.

We strive to become more and more engaged in collaborative and supportive actions for innovative endeavors, artistic approaches, and steps towards sustainable solutions of all kinds. Our goal is to present FMK as a brand based upon inclusiveness towards a notion of healthy growth.

We believe that we have a responsibility to share our know-how, culture, and unique perspectives with the world around us. No matter what your project is, our team has the expertise to start working on it now.

Leadership Team

CEO / Founder

Nicholas Hinckley

A natural-born leader, this music producing enthusiast is as imaginative as they come. From wishing he could be an antelope to LARPing, we’d say it doesn’t get more creative than that. He has a wide-eyed vision for the future of the digital realm. Maybe a little too much. We keep hearing him mumble “I see dead people.” Should we be concerned?

CCO / Partner

Emmanuel Gimeno

From renovating homes to building guitars to arguing with Catherine Deneuve, this Billy Zane-looking art lover sure seems to do it all. Even his favorite wine comes from an appellation that’s had UFO landings. We’d call that suspicious, but he’d call it sexy.

Marketing Manager

Channing Hall

Skiing, hiking, camping…these are all things Channing likes, but you might recognize him from your local Red Lobster, guzzling 100 shrimp in a single sitting. With a strategy like that, it’s no wonder he’s our marketing guru. Also, if you get the chance, ask him about the “new pepperoni” from Papa Johns.


Cassie Wight

Web Developer

Thiago Souza

Graphic Designer

Zach Phillips

Writer / Strategist

Edwin Perea

Web Developer

Natalie Kolega

Staff Artist

Glenda Barnhart

Controller / Admin

Anh Phan

Design Consultant

Joe Winskye

Web Developer

Rob Ali

Publishing Advisor


If you think that our team is haute… Check out our pets.