We help ambitious brands do more.

We help brands; Tell more stories, do more good, drive more revenue, get more likes, make more sense, win more hearts, sell more products, have more fun, drink more wine, build more culture, dream more dreams, close more deals… Fly More Kites.

Whether you are an IT expert in need of a partner, a corporate stakeholder looking to innovate, or a start-up with the next big idea, you have come to the right place. FMK Agency is an extension of your creative and marketing team. By leveraging spirit, method, and skills, we help future-focused brands deliver and keep growing. We don’t provide quick fixes; we create digital solutions that solve real-life challenges.

Turning great visions into beautiful digital solutions. At Fly More Kites, we believe that “seeking higher ground is not a destination, but an elevation”-. T.F Hodge

Our approach

We’re not interested in giving you a standard strategy plan that we hand out to every single client. We approach each business with new ideas and strategies that are unique to your brand. We leverage what we know, and work with your specific needs to give you a plan that you can call your own.


We are equally inspired by art and science. The future is today but embrace and love the past. Learning from each other as peers, and sharing visions and passions as professionals creates an opportunity for true collaboration and growth. Work smart and don’t forget to have fun.


“Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there” said the great Miles Davis. With this in mind we start every engagement with a sense of curiosity, but visions without a plan remain fantasies. That’s why our aim is to support and nurture visions with strategic plans, evolving into real products we can all be proud of. Everything we do has four key components; Strategy, Creative, Production, and Growth.


We don’t just do the bare minimum around here. At FMK, we strive to make your business grow and succeed. If that doesn’t sound like something you want, then move along pal.