The power of more

We help brands; Tell more stories, do more good, drive more revenue, get more likes, make more sense, win more hearts, sell more products, have more fun, drink more wine, build more culture, dream more dreams, close more deals… Fly More Kites.

How we do it

Our approach.


We are equally inspired by art and science. The future is today but embrace and love the past. Learning from each other as peers, and sharing visions and passions as professionals creates an opportunity for true collaboration and growth. Work smart and don’t forget to have fun.


“Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there” said the great Miles Davis. With this in mind we start every engagement with a sense of curiosity, however visions without a plan remain fantasies. Our aim is to support and nurture visions with strategic plans, evolving into real products we can all be proud of. Everything we do has four key components, in order; Strategy, Creative, Production, and Growth.


Strategy & Foundation

Brand Strategy, Industry Research, Consumer Research, Analytics / Data / SEO, Brand Roadmaps, Design Thinking, Sales & Marketing Alignment.

Creative & Content

Creative Direction, Corporate Identity, Website & UI Design, Responsive Design, Blogging & Content Creation, Collateral Systems, Interactive Experiences.

Technology & Development

UX & Prototyping, Coding & Development, Website Design, Microsites & App Development, E-commerce Applications, 3rd Party Integrations, Custom CMS.

Marketing & Support

Market Insights, Growth Marketing, Inbound Content, Integrated Campaigns, CRM Systems, SEO / SEM Management, PR & Outreach.

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Our team.

Nicholas Hinckley


Jen Durkin


Emmanuel Gimeno


Channing Hall

Marketing Manager

Edwin Perea

Lead Developer

Thiago Souza

Graphic Designer

Jon Haring

Web Designer

Cassie Wight

Jr. Developer

Anh Phan

Graphic Designer

Joe Winskie


Glenda Barnhart



Morale Booster

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