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WordPress is like the Apple of web development. Just when you think you got the newest version, WordPress just has to release new features, plugins, and more just to make you keep up with it. It might be exhausting, but with its ever-increasing rise in popularity, getting the most out of WordPress is becoming essential. As we begin to tackle 2021, let’s take a look at some of the trends that we think will take WordPress by storm.



Talking to a real person is so 2019. For 2021, chatbots can see a huge integration boost within WordPress. What makes this a smart move, is the fact that today’s consumers prefer fast, reliable answers when needed. A 24-hour chatbot reduces the chances of having unsatisfactory customers, since they won’t need to wait for a real person. This also gives your customer service team time to focus on more pressing issues that your customers are facing. We call that a win-win. Now if we could get products delivered just as fast…


Multi-Purpose Themes

Ah yes, WordPress themes. In the past few years, WordPress themes have been very niche-specific, being able to only tailor to a small audience. For 2021, we see WordPress themes making the transition to multi-purpose. Since most businesses need to cater to multiple audiences, whether through different web pages or even different sites, having a consistent, yet versatile theme is exactly what you’ll need. Multi-purpose themes, like Revolution, will allow your business to be flexible with the layout and content of different sites so that niche targets can remain invested on your page. Technology is great, isn’t it?


E-Commerce Development

We might be stuck in our homes, but we’ll be damned if we can’t shop online. Ever since lockdown began, online shopping has shifted from a casual activity to a nearly essential feature. The e-commerce boom is showing no signs of slowing. This means streamlining how we purchase online will become a huge priority. Things such as payment security and digital currencies will become more commonplace to ensure the smoothest, and safest, transactions across the web.


Drag-and-Drop Web Builders

Finally, something that sounds exciting. Creating a website from scratch is a complicated feat that usually requires skilled developers. Overtime, drag-and-drop features have become more prevalent. With this capability, you don’t need to be a skilled web developer to begin designing your own webpage. Now, you can customize your site however you like, with just a few clicks. All you need now is to get your creative juices flowing to make that cool site you’ve always been wanting. Full disclosure, we do recommend getting a second opinion after you’ve given it a shot.



2020 was the year that the internet kept us connected (to some degree) while we stayed inside our homes. It proves just how important our devices are for maintaining relationships. That idea will be the reason we continue to improve our accessibility for those with disabilities. Today we rely so much on staying connected through the internet, for things like work, school, entertainment, or even social connections. The importance of maintaining that connection and improving access to those with disabilities will play an important role this year. In fact, applying accessibility design considerations such as text size, readability, and color contrast will make your websites easier for everyone to use.


Mobile-Friendly(er) Designs

We can no longer deny the impact mobile technology has had on us. Gone are the days where you could dramatically flip your phone shut to end a call (sigh), but hey, we’ll take internet access any day. That said, since mobile usage is such a huge part of our society, it only makes sense for WordPress to implement and refine features that allow sites to cater to mobile devices more efficiently.


Dark Mode

A trend that’s been going around lately is the use of “Dark Mode”. Before you ask, no, this isn’t like Star Wars asking you to join the “Dark Side”, but rather a modern design trend for websites and devices. Dark Mode is a trend that switches the webpage or your device from a light screen setting to a darker background. With a darker setting, your text will become a lighter color to contrast this change. It might seem pointless, but people have said that this switch has allowed them to focus better on certain sites. It might still be relatively new, but 2021 could be the year that more people open up to this trend. Kinda like how Darth Vader opened up Luke’s hand.


Progressive Web Apps

You’re telling us that you don’t know what a progressive web app is? Long story short, a progressive web app (or PWA) is a web page that functions like a native app. “Huh?” OK, let’s try again. PWAs allow users to access web pages quicker, are more flexible to use, and best of all, no download is required. These web apps are becoming increasingly popular because of how easy they function on your device. 2021 seems like a good year for PWAs, don’t you think?

Remember to look out for these trends, and even utilize some for your own WordPress site. Of course this is only a prediction; we’re not psychics (or are we). What big trends do you think we’ll see in WordPress for 2021? We’re hoping that’s it.

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