Our 8 Design & Tech Predictions this Year

Design trends come and go, technology changes with each passing year, and those office chairs we want still aren’t on sale. 2021 looks to be no different as we take a look into some of the trends that we believe will make a bigger impact this year.

Pantone’s Two Colors

That’s right. We didn’t get just one “color of the year” from Pantone, but we got two. Pantone’s color choices for 2021 are “Ultimate Gray”, to represent being locked down during quarantine, and “Illuminating”, which represents the light at the end of the tunnel. This might just be the most bizarre color combo we’ve seen yet, but coming out of a bizarre year, it all makes sense. Let’s just hope next year’s color is a bit more, erm, palatable.

Enhanced Product Photography

Since we’ve been cooped up in our homes since March, online shopping has started to take center stage (or will anyways, this is a prediction after all). The problem with online shopping, though, is that it’s hard to get the same experience. Being unable to touch or view a product in-person can make a business lose out on a few sales. With enhanced product photography, products include larger, more detailed images that you can interact with. These images can also include 360° virtual scanning to help view all angles and get a better sense of what you’re potentially buying. Hopefully our bank accounts can handle it.

Taking Operations Anywhere

Working remotely will be here to stay, or so it seems. Because remote work is still relatively new to most of us, 2021 will be the year we start developing more effective tools and cloud-based systems for employees, customers, partners, and more. We already see some of this today, with apps like Dropbox or Google Drive, but these could very well be expanded upon to include shopping portals for customers or archives of information for external partners needing access. With just a single click, we’ll have everything we need. You have to admit, being able to do your work without even needing to leave your bed sounds pretty good, right?

Immersive AR

Remember when Pokemon GO took the world by storm in 2016? Despite losing several hours of sleep playing that game, Pokemon GO proved that AR (Augmented Reality) would be sticking around. This concept has since been brought into the mainstream and continues to grow. With AR, you can virtually tour a home or facility, learn about products while interacting with them, and even more games continue to utilize this tech. You can say it sounds crazy, but with lockdowns and quarantine still taking place, we see AR playing a bigger role for 2021.

Parallax Animation

OK, parallax is a crazy word, so let’s put it this way: web design animations. More specifically, animations that create depth through the foreground and background images. Yea, we know, right? As if animation wasn’t complicated enough, this optical illusion trend is only going to grow for this year. Once you see what parallax animation is though, it’s easy enough to understand why it’ll only become more popular. The enticing imagery and the way the animations pull you in only goes to show how important web design is.

Comfortable Colors

2020 was a hell of a year. Which is why we’re predicting (and hoping) that 2021 will be the year we see some more warm or muted colors. With all the modern web designs with black and white screens that we’re used to, some comfortable colors will be a welcome sight for consumers to relax to. Green, blue, orange; hell we’ll even take that illuminating yellow and ultimate gray. Just give us some colors, 2021.

Nature-Inspired Designs

It’s not just relaxing colors we’re looking out for this year, but also nature-inspired designs. For almost a year now (yes, almost a whole year) we’ve been stuck inside our homes. Even the rare moments we were able to go outside and enjoy ourselves, it all felt too surreal. So for 2021, we predict that nature will come to us. Trees, flowers, vines, birds, squirrels, you name it! With a desire to go outside once again, it only makes sense that designers will incorporate nature for us to view on our devices. If you’re a web designer reading this, just don’t include snakes. We like nature, just not THAT kind of nature.

All of this only scrapes the surface of what’s to come this year, but we believe they’ll have an impact on us in one way or another. Do you think these predictions will become more prominent in 2021?