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A blog post about blogs. We know, original. The decision to start a blog for your organization can be a weighty one. It takes valuable time to write content, and it may feel like you don’t have much to write about. That said, blogging can be a significant driver of growth if implemented correctly, and it may be easier than you realize. Here are six reasons why it could be a good idea for you to start a blog.

Engage your audience

The people want to hear from you! A blog can be a great place to update people as to what you’ve been up to. Event recaps, awards, success stories, big changes, explanations of services; there is no shortage of ways you can invite your audience behind the curtain. The more chances they have to participate in your story, the more likely they are to care and take action.

Establish credibility in your field

If you are a business owner, non-profit employee, or manager in your field, you probably know a lot about what you do. Writing posts is a win-win situation: a chance to serve your audience with free information and a way to gain a reputation as a go-to authority in your industry.

Increase your visibility online

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having long-form content on your website that includes keywords specifically designed to be picked up by search engines will greatly increase your chances of showing up higher in search results. If you decide to hire us to help with SEO optimization, we partner with a powerful tool called SEMRush to analyze all of the content on our clients’ sites to help them boost their rankings.

Grow your email list

This one is pretty straightforward. Including an option to sign up for a newsletter or blog updates at the bottom of your blog posts can be a great way to capture site user information and use that to keep them engaged or make calls to action in the future.

Gain backlinks

Gain what? Backlinks are links to your website that are found on other web pages, and they are one of the best ways to increase your visibility online. If your blog content is high-quality, there’s a good chance someone will link to it on their own blog, directory, or other platform.

Show your personality

Beyond just conveying information, a blog is a great way to showcase the character of your organization, team members, or client base. Do you fancy yourself whimsical? Highly professional? Giving people a real sense of who you are helps make meaningful connections, and oftentimes, meaningful conversions.

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